Jacques DuBois

Lego Master Builder \ Suspension Tech
Jacques can always be found turning wrenches at Mad Hatter and is quite possibly the most demented of the bunch. He is the emperor of excess, architect of the absurd, and instigator of shenanigans, a mad scientist motivated by one word: MORE. Jacques also serves as Mad Hatter’s official parts buyer, procuring the pieces to turn machines into monsters. His “adult job” is Project Manager for a local engineering and consulting firm.

Patrick Harris

T.B.D.I.L. P.E. /Chief Tuner

Like his race cars his profile is under construction!

Jason "shorty" Dykes

The Devil's Advocate \ Engineer
Shorty is a Mechanical Engineer by day and regulator of cockamamie ideas by night. He is the voice of reason that keeps the madness to an appropriate level, somewhere between exceptionally awesome and ludicrously unrealistic. He is the shop’s resident engineering design specialist, making sure that whatever schemes are concocted will work – and be phenomenal – in the real world.

Ben Segrest

Master Of Minions \ Fabricator
Ben is fluent in fabrication, a master of machining and wizard of welding. He can build virtually anything. Obsessed with perfection, he takes the insane ideas of Jacques and Shorty and constructs metal miracles. Ben oversees Mad Hatter’s daily operations and keeps the shop minions on task. If Ben can’t do it, no one can. Every shop needs a Ben.

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