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Gen 3 Raptor Billet Upper Control Arms

Gen 3 Raptor Billet Upper Control Arms

SKU: rpg-raptor-billet-upper-control-arms-copy-black

• 100% Made in the USA including bearings and rod ends

• Completely adjustable for camber and caster while on the truck
• One vehicle kit
• Grade 8 Hardware
• USA Made FK 7/8″ Rod-Ends and 1″ Spherical Bearings
• Billet Aluminum Construction
• Anodized for appearance and corrosion-resistance
• Comes in your choice of anodized blue, orange, black
• Stainless steel bearing carrier is easily removed for servicing
• Works with stock and aftermarket coil overs
• Available with a 1″ spherical bearing
• Works with Gen 1 and Gen 2 Raptor stock wheels and tires, as well as aftermarket wheel and tire combinations
• Please specify which color you want.
• Some Colors may be made when your order is placed.