Hotrod LS Camshaft (227/237 111+4)

Hotrod LS Camshaft (227/237 111+4)

SKU: HOTROD-ls-camshaft-222-232-108-3-copy-5150-steel-alloy

This camshaft is made to order so give 2 weeks lead time.


Duration at .050: 227/237

111 Lobe Center Angle with a 107 Intake Centerline

Lift with 1.7 Rocker Arm Ratio: .595"/.587"

Recommended Displacement: 5.3-6.2 Liter Engines

Cylinder Heads: Cathedral or Rectangle Port

Recommended Compression Ratio: 9.4-10.5:1

Recommended Headers: 1 3/4" - 1 7/8"

Recommended Stall Converter: 3000-4500

Recommended Rear Axle Ratio: 3.73-4.56

The Cam Motion Hotrod cam is a versatile and powerful camshaft created for aggressive performance as well as street-strip applications. This camshaft works equally well in either fuel injected or carbureted engines when used for the correct application. This camshaft is an excellent choice for enthusiasts who want to hotrod or race a stock short block. This is also a perfect choice for the hot rodder who has retrofit an LS engine into their muscle car. The Cam Motion Hot-rod Camshaft has a lopey idle. Due to its design, the Hot-rod Camshaft will work great with both cathedral port (LS1) and rectangle port (LS3/L99/L92) cylinder heads. This camshaft is designed to be used for vehicles equipped with headers, high flow exhaust, increased stall speed torque converter and increased rear axle ratios.

The Hotrod cam is designed with our renowned smooth cam lobe design that provides quiet valve train operation and excellent upper rpm stability. Cam Motion offers this cam in 5150, 8660 and our top of the line 8620 camshaft cores. You can read more about our cam cores here > Cam Motion's cam cores